Product Liability Lawyer in Austin

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Product Liability Lawyer

If a retail product is on the market and available for purchase, it is reasonable to assume that it will work as intended without bodily harm. If that is not the case and it is later found that the product has an inherent flaw in its design or manufacturing, Feltoon Law, PLLC, a product liability lawyer in Austin, is here to help you file a claim. 

As a product liability lawyer in Austin, our team will help determine whether the manufacturer, retailer, or wholesaler is at fault for your injury and try your case accordingly. With the sound legal guidance of Jason Feltoon and his associates, you can rest assured that our years of experience will help you receive the favorable outcome you deserve.

For product liability cases, it is important to first determine if the product malfunctioned due to a hidden defect, design flaw, or a failure to warn

Hidden defects occur when a product is damaged or build improperly, usually during the production or shipping process. Design flaws on the other hand, happen when major issues are overlooked during the design process. Finally, failure to warn refers to products that fail to properly warn users about the potential dangers of the product.

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