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Free Services For Our Community

Feltoon Law proudly supports our Austin area community and wishes to uplift our neighbors whenever we can. That is why we offer pro bono, or free, legal services to those affected by major community tragedies. We extend our expertise and resources in order to help ease the burden of legal challenges that may arise in the aftermath of tragedy.

Rather than hire and commit to a legal team while emotionally and physically drained, we will assist, investigate, and guide anyone who needs our help for free for 120 days. After four months, the arrangement expires and ends. The family is entitled to walk away without incurring attorney’s fees or costs from our firms. There is no long-term commitment.

We offer this critical, time-sensitive legal guidance to give our neighbors the time to heal and focus on their family’s well-being without having to worry about representation. 

We’ve assembled a comprehensive array of services that we believe will be essential for victims and their families: 

  1. Providing education on tort law and the legal system.
  2. Preserving vital evidence, such as witness statements, cell phone records, dash cam/body cam videos, and event data recordings. This evidence is important for understanding all of the details of the accident and for why it happened.
  3. Communicating with others about the events and the issues surrounding discoverable statements and using social media following a tragedy.
  4. Expert advice on insurance law and effective communication with insurance companies.
  5. Thorough crash scene investigations for clear liability determination.
  6. Vehicle inspections to identify potential design flaws contributing to accidents.
  7. Access to top-tier grief and trauma counseling services.
  8. Financial guidance for funeral expenses, medical bills, and ongoing care needs.
  9. Assistance in finding leading medical experts and obtaining optimal care for loved ones.

To learn more about our Pro Bono services, please contact Feltoon Law at (737) 281-9100.

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