Hays CISD School Bus Accident Response

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Our Response to the Hays CISD School Bus Accident

Feltoon Law is deeply saddened by a horrific tragedy that occured in our community on March 22nd. May those involved find strength and comfort in the love of those around you as you navigate through this challenging period. Our firm offers our sincere condolences to all the victims and their families.

At our firm, we strive to be more than just legal representatives – we aim to be trusted allies and advocates for those facing challenging times. 

That is why, in light of recent events, we feel it is necessary to extend our aid and expertise to our community in their time of need.

You Have Legal Rights

Although this tragedy cannot be undone, it is important to note that Texas Law provides protection and recourse for individuals who have been impacted by events such as this one.

As a personal injury firm, We believe it is our duty to serve our community during difficult times like these. We offer critical, time-sensitive legal guidance pro bono or for free to allow those who need legal help time to heal and think about their family’s well-being before deciding on a law firm to permanently hire. Think of this as free emergency legal services.

Rather than hire and commit to a legal team while emotionally and physically drained, we will assist, investigate, and guide anyone who needs our help for free for 120 days. After four months, the arrangement expires and ends. The family is entitled to walk away without incurring attorney’s fees or costs from our firms. There is no long-term commitment. What exactly can we provide?

We’ve put together a basket of services that we feel will be both necessary and beneficial to each of the victims and families in the coming days, weeks, and months.

  1. Educating and teaching the parents about tort law and our legal system in Central Texas.
  2. Preserving and acquiring crucial evidence, like witness statements, cell phone records, dash cam and body cam videos, and event data recordings – trying to answer why this accident happened.
  3. Communicating with others about the events and the issues surrounding discoverable statements and using social media following a tragedy.
  4. Advising about insurance law and how to communicate with insurance companies tailored to preserve your rights.
  5. Crash scene investigation to insure clear assignment of liability.
  6. Vehicle inspections to identify design failures that may have contributed to this tragedy.
  7. Grief/Trauma Counseling (w/ highly trained therapists who are at the pinnacle of their profession).
  8. Exploring financial challenges and options that may be available for funeral expenses, doctor’s visits and medical bills, hospital liens, future medical care and its costs, even medical equipment (e.g., crutches, wheelchairs, etc..), as well as basic household necessities like food and utility bills.
  9. Most importantly, families often need guidance on finding the right medical experts and obtaining the finest medical care for their loved one.

Speak to People That Care

Feltoon Law has been supporting the Buda community since the firm’s inception. We wish to continue our support through this tragedy and offer our legal expertise to all those involved.

This offering is the result of the generosity of several individuals and companies who are interested in helping their community weather this tragedy. Feltoon Law, PLLC is also looking to reframe expectations about personal injury law firms and how a service first approach can hopefully make a difference to our grieving community.

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